FIRST Team 2191: Flux Core was founded in the 2006-2007 year by Scott Innocenzi. We have participated every year since then and have gotten further each time. For the past ten years, the team has been developing our scientific and technological knowledge, as well as incorporating the principals of FIRST in our hard work. Our team is open to all who wish to join, as we understand that technology emphasizes development in all fields of study, from the mechanics of building our robots to promoting the FIRST message in our community. We promoted our team and FIRST by participating in events such as the D.A.R.E CARNIVAL, CAMP COLLEGE, and the MEMORIAL DAY PARADE.

ST. LOUIS 2015


2015 was a big year for FLUXCORE. It was the first year in our 9 year history that we made it to the FRC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. It was a very memorable week for the team, whether team members were in the stands, by the field, or talking to the many teams in the pits, the team had fun. This amazing experience inspires our team members to work hard so we can hopefully make it to WORLDS again.